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• 8/6/2013

No more article comments?

As the last thread stated, no one can comment on a page for at least 2 whole weeks, but I have noticed that some how, some wikia contributors are still commenting, but I'm not sure how. But you guys know how annyoing the comments from spammers can be, so I ask this to all the admins and people who have this problem. Do you think I should turn off the comments section for good? If so, that means commenting will go down, but the good news is that comment spamming will totally stop for good and we won't have to worry about that crazy hassle of removing them. Please vote on the poll for your choice and voting ends the end of august.

Do you think article comments should be turned off for good?

The poll was created at 20:28 on August 6, 2013, and so far 13 people voted.
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• 9/7/2013

Wholey!? I did not expect that a lot of members wanted it gone. But there wasn't really a reason to keep the comments. They get really annoying and it's hard to keep the comment spam away. Hmm....I could contact wikia and asked to remove unregistered wikia contributors so we can bring back article comments. But I will first have a poll for it.

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