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• 10/26/2013

Bans changed to Wasted bans

So while I was looking around the wiki, I thought Man, the blocked is kind of dull.. So I decided to change it from BLOCKED to Wasted to give it that NFM feel to the wiki. And when you go to the blocked user's page, you'll hear insano say his famous word Wasted'.

Who did I decide to test it on first? Who else? The obsessed, nimi loving, annoying, emoticon guy named as PikeBBQ

I'm still working on the system and I'm working on other things but I thought this would be a funny thing to add to the wiki P.S. I bet your happy I tested it on Pike first aren't you Mike  ;)

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• 10/28/2013

I like this idea. However, it may confuse some people, so why not change it to "Wasted / Banned", just to remove the confusion? 

Good idea though,

The Radical One Specialist 19:51, October 28, 2013 (UTC)

• 11/18/2013
That will work.
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