AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to computerized programming to move to a code, or react in a certain way, according to a code. In the Need For Madness series, cars other than the the player's are controlled by AI, which can be used against them.

General AIEdit

The cars in every stage normally will race, however if provoked, they will turn around and attempt wasting. In stages with aggressive AI, they will be much more intent on wasting the player, and will also intercept the player's turns and continue to go hunt cars down. In any case, it is advised that the player ignores these threats, as they will usually go for themselves if left alone.

Racers' AIEdit

Racer's AI will rarely attempt to waste the player, and focuses mainly on Racing. They can still veer off track to attack other cars, though. Cars with Racing AI are usually pure racers, such as La Vita Crab, Formula 7, Nimi, Tornado Shark, Mighty Eight, and so on.

Waster's AIEdit

Waster's AI will also race, but is much more easily Provokeed and in some levels will go for the player on it's own.

M A S H E E N and EL KING has a different AI from other Wasters, and will usually follow a different route rather than to follow the player. Instead, he will intercept the player during a race.

Changing AIEdit

The AI of a stage can be slightly changed by Hacking the stage's text code.

The AI movement and "intellegence" can be changed by the power of java hacking. An example is shown below.

NFM - Computerized Car Intelligence (Behavior) Hack 2

NFM - Computerized Car Intelligence (Behavior) Hack 2