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Welcome to the Custom Cars article, where you can show off your work and help us expand this wiki with even more cars.

If you have a car that you want to show to the world, or if you have been granted permission by a car coder to show that individual's work(s) here, feel free to add entries to the list.

Important Rules

  1. When adding an entry, please indicate the name of the coder(s). If you wish, you may also include attributions (e.g. "Original model by Chevrolet", "Replica of the original model from Mario Kart DS", "Inspired by 00012's Ballistic Fury", etc.).
  2. Do not remove any entries that are not added by you. The deleted entry will be re-added and you will get a warning on your Message Wall.
  3. Do not add stolen cars from other users. We will remove such entries on immediate notice.
  4. Do not blank this page. You will be banned for at least 3 weeks.