Epic pileup

EL KING wrecks Radical One with a Flying Wrecker while wasting other cars.

Flying Wrecker
is an attack strategy widely used by EL KING and M A S H E E N due to their poor ability to do Stunts. The strength and size of the cars involved will affect the outsome of this action, as small cars landing atop bigger cars will do very little damage. This strategy is basically the same thing as Death By Air, or God's Move.



MASHEEN "wrecks" Kool Kat from above.

Flying Wrecker

The Flying Wrecker move done by Masheen to DR Monstaa.


Tornado Shark is wasted by a Flying wrecker.

This attack is used when the player lands on top of another car right after stunting/going off a ramp. It is very strong and tends to give the victim very high damage or even end up wasting the victim, who is sent forward (usually into a wall). However, this sometimes backfires and your own car can go flying forward. Thus, it is advised you do not try this with a fast car like Formula 7 and likewise. M A S H E E N is your best bet to do this with, considering it can waste cars with ease.