Grapefruit Power

Appears in

Need For Madness 1

Boss Car

Lead Oxide

Number of Laps


Main feature

The First Drag Race



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

All Are Racing

Preceded by

Do The Snake Dance

Followed by

He Is Coming For You Next

Grapefruit Power is the fourth track in the first Need for Madness game. Because it only requires one lap, wasting is almost out of the question. Because of the placement of the checkpoints, large sections of the track can be skipped, allowing for significant gains against AI cars. Lead Oxide is the boss and upon completion of this stage, he can be unlocked.

In another version of the game, this stage was called "The Urban Spaceman's Race", but was changed.



Use top-notch racers Formula 7 or MAX Revenge. If you're in 3rd-5th skip some jumps. That'll get you back on track. At the end, skip part of the track for a shortcut to win. If you always get wasted with Formula 7 (though this happens rarely) use La Vita Crab. If a car goes under you you are in trouble as both you and the car that went under you are either wasted or badly damaged. You cannot waste, due to 1 lap so hope for the best and race. You can skip part of the track which will help you win. At the final part a shortcut is useful to win. If you win this level you unlock waster and racer Lead Oxide and get to play as him for the first time. You should ALWAYS keep your power at the max and get on all jumps unless you're in last place. The only fixing hoop is on a half ramp, so don't try a stunt. Landing upside down is a key part to losing. Just stick to simple stunts, such as tabletop and rollspin. Don't try wasting and racing at the same time as it leads to failure. Keep your arrow to yellow "track guide" version so if your confused you know where to go.


the stage boss


follow the red line for the shortcut


Since this is a single lap race, this is NOT recommended. If you have to, because racing isn't your speciality, then use MAX Revenge or Wow Caninaro and go to the finish. Race backwards and try to hit all the cars as they come. To try this, you need significant luck and skill to try this. This only works about 5% of the time. Good luck on this!


  • This track is the only one-lap track in Need For Madness 1
  • This track's alternate name is 'The Urban Spaceman's Race"
    Need for madness stage 4

    Need for madness stage 4

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