Hacking Game Texts is a way to change the game's texts that the game shows. You could change 3...2...1...GO! to Ready...Set...PWN THEM ALL! or similar. You will need an editing program that has text inserting.

Need For Madness 2Edit

Extracting the piecesEdit

Go to the first folder (named "data"). Then go to the "images.radq" file. "radq" is the files name that it needs to run in the game. Thus, if you hack it but forget to convert it back to "radq", the game will crash.

Rename "images.radq" into "" or "images.rar" (or any extracting program name, but Winrar will do)

Once done, "extract" it somewhere (but it is recommended that you "extract here"). You will see several texts and pictures waiting for you to edit. Open one of them with Photoshop or such and start editing!

Putting them back into placeEdit

Once you're done editing, make sure that everything is in place. Then, re-compress all the files you extracted earlier so the new .zip file is called like last time. Then rename the file to "images.radq".


Attention Warning: ALWAYS make a backup file of the original images.radq. If something goes wrong, copy all the contents back so you do not waste $20 buying a new game.