Majestic Duty
The tribute to the King

Appears in

Need For Madness 2

Boss Car

Mighty Eight

Number of Laps


Main feature




Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior


Preceded by

Maximum Overfly

Followed by

Ghosts and Magic

Qleft It's good to be the King!
- "'Coach Insano commenting on the use of EL KING in this stage

Majestic Duty is the ninth stage in Need For Madness 2 which introduces Mighty Eight very slighty. The previous stage is Maximum Overfly while its next stage is Ghosts and Magic.

This track is slightly similar to When In Danger, Just Chill Out from the first Need For Madness.


The stage is perfect for a waster, with many turns and unecessary loops, and the soundtrack obnoxiously says multiple times "Can you feel the beat?." The AI here will race and waste you when you are close or when you don't chase them for too long.



The best choice is to use EL KING, as it is a stage specifically for him. This is the most effective way to win this track. One should go Kamikaze , or race backwards for the best effect. Pay attention to the car's shortcuts and make use of the ramps in the middle of the loops. This track has railings so use that as a advantage! Smashing cars into Railings can waste cars very easily.


This isn't quite the intended way to win, but if you have to, pay attention to the other car's shortcuts. Your best choice is either High Rider or Formula 7 who is durable and has good speed. These two cars with higher speed which can go faster than Mighty Eight (Keep filling up the power bar by doing more stunts). If EL KING or Sword of Justice are in the "race", be prepared for some tough racing. But ideally, wasting is the more recommended choice so use EL KING and waste them. Mighty Eight is one of the best racers in the game, faster than Radical One in some ways.


  • The only noticeable words in the song of this stage are lets, feel, beat, can, go, you, the.
    • The 2 sentences found in the lyrics are "Let's go!" and "Can you feel the beat?"
  • This track might have been a tribute to EL KING as it has a royal theme, it has fixing hoops that are easy to get with EL KING and this track is easily completed by Wasting.
  • This is the only track in the entire series where a stretch of track is intended to be used in two directions at once.

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Bold: Stages are similar to the game's prequel

If you listen closley, the "Can you feel the beat?" lyric sounds somewhat familiar...think the Simpsons.