Need For Madness? TooOo!? (NFM2) is the sequel to Need For Madness?. Like the first, it was created by Radical Play. Generally somewhat harder, the game includes all of the old vehicles, plus a number of new ones. Additionally, there are 17 stages, only three of which are copies of the old ones. The second game has improved graphics and AI from the first.

Now, the whole need for madness series is available for free download from Radical Play. This version also includes a free play mode where players may choose whichever vehicle and stage they like and can race.

However, you can go on it on fullscreen offline. Simply take a version of NFM downloaded and switch the stages.

The 3D look is also improved from the first game; the graphics are sharper, and car designs are composed of more complex shapes- A good example is Radical One who underwent several changes.Also there are some bonus features in need for madness 2.The car maker and the stage maker helps us to create our own cars and stages.

Stages of Need for Madness 2 Edit

  1. The Introductory Stage
  2. Let the Dream Begin
  3. Arrested by the Man
  4. Twisted Revenge 
  5. Centrifugal Rush, Under Water?
  6. The Stretch
  7. The Garden of the King 
  8. Maximum Overfly
  9. Majestic Duty
  10. Ghosts and Magic
  11. Rolling with the Big Boys
  12. Suddenly the King becomes Santa's Little Helper
  13. Digger's Revenge
  14. The Gun Run
  15. Dances with Monsters
  16. Four Dimensional Vertigo
  17. The Mad Party

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