The Mad Party
Mad party
Party time!

Appears in

Boss Car


Number of Laps

  • 11 (NFM)
  • 10 (NFM2)

Main feature

Farewell stage


Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Extremely aggressive to all cars, sometimes suicidal

Preceded by

Followed by

None! It's the final stage!

The Mad Party is the last stage of both Need For Madness and Need For Madness 2.


Need For Madness 2 - Final Level

Need For Madness 2 - Final Level

There is no Fixing Hoop in this stage, similar to The Gun Run in Need For Madness 2, underpowered vehicles such as Formula 7 or Nimi can easily get wasted in a matter of seconds. It is thus advisable for those who want a challenge to try playing using one of them.

The Mad Party consists of 2 extremely sharp U-turns, has two tiny stunt ramps (one speed-bump and a single small paved ramp) and two Checkpoints. Half of the track is sand, while the other half is pavement. Upon clearing the stage, the screen will fade out and a message will appear, reading "WOOOHOOO, you finished the're awesome - You truly are a radical gamer!".

In the first Need For Madness game, "The Mad Party" is the 11th and last stage of the game. It has 11 laps. As usual, the race starts with five cars. The easiest way to win is by wasting other cars with a strong car like EL KING, or DR Monstaa, but can also be won by finishing first with a fast car like Radical One. But can also be won by wasting with him/her too.

The AI are very rough in this stage, usually upon nearing the 1st checkpoint. However, the cars are also suicidally aggressive, often trying to Kamikaze into the player. They will waste any car without discrimination, though they are also extremely easily provoked. Some SERIOUS reflexes are needed in this track! One mess up, and YOU'RE WASTED!

In Need for Madness 2, The track is the same, but the AIs are smarter, and there are also 10 laps. The finishing message is the same, with the addition of "Now get up and dance!" M A S H E E N is extremely aggressive in this stage as well as EL KING. But the other cars are also locked on you. Even Formula 7 will try to waste you and even Nimi.

The music is Oberheim Power in Need For Madness. Family is used in Need For Madness 2. There is a jokingly used strategy in this stage, which is to simply race and ignore everybody. The main objective is not to win, but actually to enjoy the music.


  • It is easily possible to use M A S H E E N and win by doing absolutely nothing.
  • This stage is easily won without taking any damage with Radical One, or any fast car.
  • This is the only stage with no boss car.
  • This stage is the second stage with no fix hoop, the first being The Gun Run.
  • In freeplay, the stage has "Oberheim Power" as its soundtrack, but in NFM2 It uses "Family"
  • If you have NFM downloaded and you go to NFM 1 you can play this stage.

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